ET . 7 minutes. Below is what it used to look before and after. Go Au Pair is not a named plaintiff, therefore our Au […] The Executive Order also extends the April 2020 suspension of entry for those applying for an immigrant visa … This page tracks U.S. visa and entry restrictions related to COVID-19. InterExchange is a member of a named plaintiff association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Visa holders currently inside the United States will not be affected and will remain eligible to file for the change of status, transfer, or extension (where applicable). Updated: October 26th, 2020. The proclamation will suspend H-1B visas for specialized highly skilled workers, most H-2B visas for nonagricultural seasonal workers, most J-1 visas for exchange visitors, and the L-1 visa used by companies to internally transfer foreign employees to the US, according to a senior Trump official who spoke with reporters on Monday. —- UPDATE AS OF 10/12/2020 —- Preliminary Injunction Issued On October 1, 2020 a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the June 22, 2020 Presidential Proclamation 10052 suspending J1 Visas. June 29th, 2020 : Today, WhiteHouse gave an amendment to their Proclamation that Trump Signed to ban entry of H1B, H4 and others, clarifying that it applies only to visa holders such as H1B, H4, H2B, L and certain J visas that are part of the proclamation. The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, has issued official guidance regarding the recent court injunction of the June 22nd Presidential Proclamation (PP 10052). J-1 Visa Update — Executive Order Expanded June 23, 2020 In an extension of an earlier Executive Order that suspended immigrant Visas, on Monday, June 22, President Trump expanded that Executive Order to immediately suspend a wide variety of non-immigrant Visas, including some J-1 cultural exchange categories. In an update to the Proclamation, he amended one of the clauses to be very specific of the kind of non-immigrant visas that will be permissible into the United States post June 24, 2020. Latest News on J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs. Coronavirus travel bans by Presidential Proclamation. Page Contents. Update : Clarification on Non-immigrant Visa Clause. President Trump on Monday extended a freeze on green cards for new immigrants and signed an executive order to suspend new H-1B, L … “(b) a J visa, to the extent the alien is participating in an intern, trainee, teacher, camp counselor, au pair, or summer work travel program, and any alien accompanying or following to join such alien” Exceptions to Entering the US on a Work Visa During the Suspension J-1 Visa. Texas A&M … See NAFSA's Coronavirus Critical Resources Page for related information and resources.. UT-Austin had 1,220 international students using either H-1B or J-1 visas in 2019, according to the Institute of International Education. In the Proclamation signed by President Trump on June 22, 2020, he suspended the issuance of certain categories of H1-B, L1 and J1 visas until the end of this year. June 22, 2020 Proclamation 10052 Suspends Entry of Certain H, J, and L Nonimmigrants (updated 11/20/2020); April 22, 2020 Proclamation 10014 Limits Entry of … On October 9,2020 the State Department confirmed the scope of the injunction applies to named plaintiffs only. So, I decided to get an appointment in a US consulate in Canada before my J-1 job appointment starts 08/31. J1 Visas apply to research scholars and professors. However, the president has now issued the new proclamation (06/22) that limits and suspends entry to any alien ” who does not have a nonimmigrant visa that is valid on the effective date of this proclamation;”. Updated 5:45 p.m.

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